Q: Do you guys have real jobs?
A: Yes. Dale is a retired art instructor for FWCS. Rick is a retired music instructor. Don is a Project Manager for Lincoln National. Mike is a math instructor at Ivy Tech Community College. Jerry is a music instructor with FWCS.

Q: How long have you been playing music?
A: For a long time. Click on JYB’s History page and individual band members Bio for the full story.

Q: How did you get the name Junk Yard Band?
A: We never really got the chance to sit around and think up a cool rock n’ roll name. The band’s musical beginnings were at Pelz Hall in Fort Wayne, which was right next to a salvage yard, so our identity as the Junk Yard Band happened automatically.

Q: Has the band made any recordings?
A: Yes. JYB released HOT SHOTS, a vinyl EP of original songs in 1985. Two years later, another original song was featured on WXKE’s FORT WAYNE ROCKS – VOL. 2. In the early ‘90’s, the band recorded another original song featured in a long-running radio commercial for Tom Steele Tires. Then, in order to document what a JYB live performance was all about, the band released a cassette tape LIVE AT COLD SPRINGS in 1995. In the summer of 2011 we released “Studio Tracks”, some of our favorite songs that we recorded in the studio.

Q: How much do you charge and how do I book the Junk Yard Band?
A: There are variables in pricing such as length of playing time and distance traveled. To determine date availability, pricing, and to book the Junk Yard Band, please contact us.

Q: Does JYB play wedding receptions?
A: For the most part, no. The Classic Rock orientation of the Junk Yard Band is aimed more at boisterous parties and festivals. JYB’s musical format is not necessarily suited to the subtleties and variety of musical genres required at a wedding reception. However, on rare occasions, the rowdy style of rock n’ roll that JYB delivers so well is just what the bride and groom want.

Q: Does the band take requests?
A: Yes! Check out JYB’s Songlist and select from the vast array of Classic Rock and Oldies that the band performs. If you know you will be attending an upcoming JYB performance, look over our song list and e-mail us with your requests and dedications and we’ll play them for you.

Q: Can you play NEW YORK, NEW YORK or the HOKEY POKEY?
A: You haven’t been listening. The Junk Yard Band plays Classic Rock and Oldies. Dance / Party Rock N’ Roll at its best. So, check out JYB’s schedule, put on your dancin’ shoes, and make the scene for a rockin’ good time! -OR- Book the Junk Yard Band at your event and turn it into a party everyone will remember!